Zürich, Switzerland

Enhancing the Cooperation of all State levels – Municipal, Cantonal, National – in National Refugee Policy Making to Strengthen the Tripartite Asylum System in Switzerland


Initiated by the City of Zürich, in collaboration with the Swiss Government, and supported by Swiss cities, the Swiss Association of Cities, the Swiss Association of Municipalities, and cantonal representations, this pledge commits to enhance the cooperation of all state levels in Swiss refugee policy.

The asylum system in Switzerland is a tripartite responsibility of the three state levels (national, cantonal, and municipal) with a system of delegated responsibilities. Recognizing the mutual benefits that systematic coordination brings to all levels in steering the asylum system, this pledge intends to increase predictability, strengthen joint planning, improve steering of policies and identify solutions by: 

  • Taking stock of existing coordination and cooperation mechanisms in the Swiss asylum system which include the national government and the cantons, and that could benefit from the more direct involvement of municipalities, especially cities, 
  • Reviewing successful practices of tripartite cooperation and direct engagement between the national and municipal levels, 
  • Identifying opportunities for stronger recognition and involvement of municipalities, particularly cities, in national refugee policymaking, 
  • Exploring an institutionalized format for regular tripartite interaction that enables exchange on common concerns on a strategic and operational level, joint solution finding and exploration of new commitments by cities.
Priority Objectives
Improving migration governance and forced displacement protection
Local or regional government
Corine Mauch
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