Zurich, Switzerland

Humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries


With a total amount of 500,000 Swiss francs, the City of Zurich supports refugee reception and assistance in neighboring countries of the Ukraine by contributing to the humanitarian aid programs for the Ukraine maintained by the national charitable collection organization as well as the four largest Swiss relief organizations. The main focus of the aid is on emergency assistance for the refugees at the borders of Ukraine with the neighboring countries Romania, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia and Poland. The Zurich City Council will consider further financial contributions to humanitarian assistance for the Ukraine in 2022.


The funded relief organizations have to submit an operational and financial report to the City of Zurich that will allow to assess the results and impact of the provided humanitarian aid based on the initial proposals and budgets of the relief organizations.

Priority Objectives
Protecting those most vulnerable
Providing access to urban infrastructure, social services, and education regardless of status
Realising socio-economic inclusion
Realising socio-economic inclusion
Supporting reception and advancing community sponsorship initiatives
Local or regional government
Corine Mauch
Start of Project
End of project
"We share the hope of the people of Ukraine. Peace, freedom, self-determination and the inviolability of human rights and international law are common values. These values are non-negotiable."
Mayor of Zurich