Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi: The City of Choice


Nairobi City County Government (NCCG) will implement programming that promotes the involvement and employment of migrants, refugees and receiving communities in the environmental and economic sustainability of Nairobi most marginalized areas. NCCG will first conduct a baseline survey to understand the skills and employment needs of migrant, refugee and IDP communities living in informal settlements in Nairobi. Based on this survey, livelihoods and resilience strategies will be developed in concert with target communities. NCCG will establish an innovation centre and carry out public space improvement activities, including establishing legal areas for vendors, to provide greater livelihoods opportunities to refugees, migrants and IDPs as part of Nairobi’s green and just transition. This project is in line with Nairobi’s proposed project for the MMC's Global Cities Fund for Migrants and Refugees.


The Nairobi City County Government’s project will have three main impacts:

  1. Refugees, migrants, and marginalized host community members generate income and assets through greater livelihoods opportunities within the green economy.
  2. The NCCG strengthens its partnership and coordination with local civil society organizations (CSOs) and refugee-led organizations (RLOs)
  3. All residents of Nairobi benefit from improved environmental sustainability and cleaner, safer, and more accessible public spaces.
Priority Objectives
Improving migration governance and forced displacement protection
Protecting those most vulnerable
Realising socio-economic inclusion
Realising socio-economic inclusion
Supporting reception and advancing community sponsorship initiatives
Local or regional government
Anne Kananu Mwenda
Start of Project
End of project