Brazilian Government with the National Network of Welcoming Cities (RNCA) , Brazil

National Network of Welcoming Cities: An Institutional Space for Local-National Coordination and Collaboration in Brazil


The Brazilian Government commits to support a National Network of Welcoming Cities (RNCA in Portuguese), a collaborative and voluntary space for Brazilian municipalities and the national government to debate and discuss proposals on decentralized, democratic and participatory governance that supports decision-making in the field of human mobility, including forced displacement and statelessness. 

Concretely, the RNCA aims to:

  1. Support policy development that supports the inclusion of migrant, refugee and stateless populations at local level;
  2. Institutionalize a space for multi-level dialogue; 
  3. Enable the distribution of grants to support decision-making at the municipal level;
  4. Provide opportunities for exchange and learning;
  5. Incentivize the set-up of inter-municipal partnerships and programmes; 
  6. Disseminate the principles, objectives, and guidelines of relevant national legislation and policies in the field of migration and forced displacement; 
  7. Expand the institutionalization of municipal policies for migrants, refugees, and stateless persons across Brazil. 
Priority Objectives
Engaging in regional and multilateral partnerships and increasing city-to-city cooperation
Improving migration governance and forced displacement protection
Local or regional government
Brazilian Government with the National Network of Welcoming Cities (RNCA)
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