Strasbourg, France

Manifesto for Dignified Reception of Vulnerable Migrants in Strasbourg


In 2019, Strasbourg contributed to the pilot phase of the Call to Local Action, where they committed to implement the “Manifesto for Dignified Reception of Vulnerable Migrants” adopted by the Strasbourg City Council on March 25, 2019. Through the Manifesto, Strasbourg continued its approach as a “Ville hospitalière,” initiated in 2017 to better respond to situations encountered by vulnerable migrants and improve the coordination and commitments across ecosystem of actors in Strasbourg (institutions, associations, residents). The Manifesto is an effort to move beyond emergency response to a sustainable approach, thus contributing to one of the founding principles of the UN Agenda 2030: “leave no one behind.”


A more global dynamic is supported by the City but also by the actors mobilised in the territory via their networks. The aim of this network dynamic is to seek permanent improvement of the actions undertaken, in a pragmatic way, by giving Strasbourg the means to have a collective voice.
The City also intends to continue its mobilisation through participation in national, European and international networks: EUROCITIES (Social Affairs Forum), the National Association of Welcoming Cities and Territories (ANVITA), United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), the UNHCR ("cities in solidarity #withrefugees"), the UN Global Compact for Refugees, particularly in the framework of the 2019 Marrakesh Declaration of Mayors carried by UCLG, the Council of Mayors for Migration and the International Organization for Migration.
Ultimately, all these actions and exchanges of good practices contribute to strengthening the commitment, the capacity for action and the dialogue of cities with the national state. 

Priority Objectives
Eliminating all forms of discrimination and promote evidence-based public discourse
Improving migration governance and forced displacement protection
Minimising the drivers of forced migration and displacement, including climate change and environmental drivers
Minimising the drivers of forced displacement, including climate change and environmental drivers
Protecting those most vulnerable
Local or regional government
Strasbourg City Council
Start of Project
End of project